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Our awnings provide a flexible solution for outdoor applications, offering freedom from, or exposure to the sun when desired. A quality awning provides protection and enables you to expand your outdoor living and entertaining space with style, comfort and functionality, free of structures and poles. 


Awnings also offer many other benefits that include;

  • Flexibility - greater control of light and shade.

  • Are easy to operate - manually, motorised or remote control options. You can even use your smart phone to control the awning.

  • Aesthetics - provide cover to decks, verandas, and windows adding style and elegance to your home.

  • Cost-effective features. Glare and heat reduced by up to 95%, providing maximum protection your furniture, flooring and window treatments.

  • Are energy effective - reducing electricity consumption, for the need of home or business cooling and reducing greenhouse gases.

  • Increased ventilation.

With years of experience, we can provide you with the best options for all situations and provide effective solutions for all domestic and commercial uses. Our awnings are available in many configurations from exposed roller to full cassette models that retract into their own metal case.


All models are powder-coated aluminium with stainless steel fixings, ensuring long-lasting shading solutions. You can create the mood that reflects your individual taste with an extensive range of decorator colours and patterns for fabric and cassette options. 


Enhance your lifestyle with a Grovewood Awning System. Our high standard of workmanship and quality service carry through from site inspection, to manufacture, to expert installation.


Grovewood vertical sunscreens are ideal for any glass expanses, windows and doors in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. They are a perfect system for pergolas and patios, they act as a wind break, block out glare and provide shade while maintaining your view.


Available in either fixed or retractable systems that are operated  manually or electronically.

Grovewood's external fabrics come in a wide range of colours. They are anti-static, anti-mildew and are resistant to dirt. The latest technology in screen weaving has created a unique fabric. It resists tearing and is welded instead of stitched increasing the screen's strength and durability.


Grovewood vertical screens allow you to convert your veranda or pergola into an entertainment area available all year round.

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